Fiddle Club


What is Fiddle Club?

Fiddle Club is basically a jam session with a focus on fiddle tunes. While we welcome other instruments including guitar, mandolin, banjo, penny whistle, bodhran, small pipes, and bass, the music that we play is drawn from the traditional and contemporary fiddle world. We aim to include players of all skill levels in these jam sessions. The evening ends with social time over coffee, tea, and treats.

Here is a list of some of the  tunes played at the Nanaimo Fiddle Club. Please check our events page to see when our next Fiddle Club is happening.

Beginner tunes

Cabbages, Liza Jane, Rubber Dolly, Old Joe Clark, Short Bow Jig, Bayside Waltz, Keegan’s Jig, Prayerful Hymn, Mussels in the Corner, Skittles at Buckley Bay, Reel de Joie, Ger the Rigger, Happy One Step, Egan’s Polka, Reel du Nord, Glise de Sherbrooke, Road to Lisdoonvarna, Smile Awhile, Second Finger Breakdown, Flop Eared Mule, Cock of the North, Waltz Quadrille, Jessica Waltz, Ramnee Ceilidh, Curly Hair, Country Waltz, Log Driver’s Waltz, Kesh Jig, Sweets of May, Bristol Square, Swallowtail Jig

Intermediate and beyond

Whiskey Before Breakfast, Maytwayashing Waltz, Smash the Windows, Ookpik Waltz, Florence Killan’s Waltz, Devil’s Dream, Chinese Breakdown, John Ryan’s Polka, Cowboy Jig, Indian Point, East Hill Two Step, Whelan’s Breakdown, St. Anne’s Reel, Crested Hens, Road to Boston, Snow Deer, Turkey in the Straw, Sasha, Zaporozech, Irish Washerwoman, Spotted Pony, Road to Lisdoonvarna, Black Velvet Waltz, Westphalia Waltz, Moses’ First Change, Rock Valley Jig, Stan Lennox’ First Change, Joys of Quebec, Loggieville, Redwing, Maple Sugar, Reel St. Antoine, Spootiskerry, Faded Love